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Using Stampin' Up!© colors for custom color greetings

Ever wish you could make a customized greeting using the Stampin' Up!© colors for your font? I'll show you how in the video below using the Hex Values & RGB codes provided by Stampin' Up!©

This chart is available in the Digital Product section of this website.

Let me know how this works for you. I'd much rather use my inks and stamps but sometimes I just don't have the words that I need. In this case I do have number dies but nothing that would fit within the perimeters of my greeting die.

Here are a couple of cards where I used the RGB codes for a customized sentiment.

I hope you find this useful. I've never had a reason to use the Hex Values but I'm sure there are some out there who do, it just hasn't come up with the software that I used, Word, Excel and my movie editing program.

Check out my video showing how to make the Cascade fun fold in the first photo.

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Images: Stampin' Up!© 1990 - Current



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