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A little about me

I am a retired mother to two amazing adults. A son who is an Army veteran with a patisserie degree from Le Cordon Bleu who has some amazing artistic talent. A daughter, who home schools her three active sons and also a very talented family photographer. I am a grandmother to three awesome and fun grandsons who bring so much joy into my life and love when I’m able to spend time with them. And I have a son-in-law, who is a very talented software engineer and amazing wood worker.  But most importantly I am a daughter of The King.

I am widowed and lost the love of my life after five short months of marriage.  It was my second marriage, he was an amazing man, a retired sheriff and Christian. We lost him way to early at 57. We spent many happy hours golfing, reading and camping.

I’m a Christian and love being able to spend time with my church family, who are incredibly supportive and who embody all the characteristics of what I envision a church family should be, or any family for that matter; loving, caring, supportive, and honest and truly are the hands and feet of Christ. I feel honored that I am able to send my cards to members of our church family for whatever the occasion may be.

I love all things beachy/tropical and so you might see a lot of flamingos, beach themes, tropical flowers and palm trees in my work. 

I have been making cards since about 1998 since my dear friend, Wendy, encouraged me to attend a class with her in our home town of New Ulm. I was hooked. I look back at some of my early “creations” before Stampin’ Up! and cringe.  LOL

In 2011 I moved back to the Twin Cities where I grew up, but on the totally opposite side. I grew up on the west edge and now live on the east edge.  Guess I live on the edge.  

In 2012 I participated in a craft fair with a friend of mine, there I met a Stampin’ Up! © demonstrator and started attending her classes, in an effort to meet some new people.  I fell in love with the Stampin’ Up! products, the quality & the company.  I especially love how everything coordinates from the papers to the ink, cardstock, dies, and punches. 


In 2013 I had a reaction to a drug which drastically affected my life.  My relatively active life came to a screeching halt.  I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue and shortly thereafter a couple other autoimmune diseases. I was forced to retire early. No more long walks, camping and golf were out and basically my life was relegated to spending time in my recliner every day.


In 2015 I met another demonstrator, from the church I attended, and started attending her classes, since it was right in town. After a couple of years as a customer, I decided I may as well get in on the discount too! In 2016 I became a demonstrator. It was a blessing in disguise, providential I might add.

The one thing that brings me joy is making cards and crafts.  I can sit for hours in my loft and stamp away. I’m told that my creations bring joy to those who receive them, as much as it gives to me to make them.

Stampin' Up!© has allowed me to find a way to meet some great, new friends, give me a creative outlet and share the love of cards with my friends and family. I hope you will join me and become part of my crafting family too.

Thank you for spending some time with me and getting to know me.  I hope we have the opportunity to get to know each other as time goes on. (One of my favorite British sitcoms)


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