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Change of Pace

The last few months I've lost my mojo for making cards, for a few reasons. One, being I spend 95% of my time alone, part of that is I have chronic fatigue, so my energy levels are low and stamina and what I'm able to do is limited. I usually am making cards for special occasions birthdays, sympathy and recently graduation. My oldest grandson graduated from school this spring, he's been homeschooled since kindergarten and kuddos to my daughter for her diligence and commitment. She has two more sons behind him. What I appreciate that she has done is take a picture of the boys, the first and last days of school, with signs, so I know the year and the grade. (RELIEF) She's a family and senior photo photographer in Lakeville MN.

Since Luke has graduated I decided that maybe I should get his scrapbooks done, before he gets married. I told him as his graduation party I would try to get them done by 2030. LOL. So for the last few weeks I've been working on his scrapbook.

I'm not a very good scrapbooker. My designs are simple. The hardest thing was finding out the dates for all my digital pictures, since they have been transferred from one computer to another over the last 18 years and the "created date, found in properties is not always correct). I printed out photos, and then put them each in a separate folder by year. One thing I would do different is not print them all out 4" x 6" but print some 2" x 3" so I can get more on a page. Some I've printed out at home, but most I had printed out at Walmart.

So here are a few of the pages I've done.

A few years ago I bought a Brother ScanNCut, which I bought primarily to cut out multiples of stamped images for my crafts that I sold at craft fairs. I almost sold this about 2 months ago, now I'm glad that I didn't. My daughter asked me if I could make some decorations for Luke's graduation party, it would have cost her a mint on Etsy. She showed me what she wanted and I was able to sort of replicate what she wanted. I put them on skewers and she put them in jars on the tables and further decorated them with photos below the decorations.

Then when I was talking to a cousin about my scrapbooking endeavor, she mentioned she was also working on one for one of her grandsons, and is also making a quilt for him. She was looking for images of a baseball glove (his request) and a football. She wants to make an applique of the glove, for the quilt. The ScanNCut has 631 images built into the machine (you can also create designs in Canvas Workspace on your computer and transfer them to the machine, which I did for the decorations). I found out that it had a baseball glove and low and behold I can also a draw an image or word!!!!! Who knew? Well obviously I didn't read all the directions. And I can make them pretty much any size if want.

Since I moved I couldn't find the pen holder and pens that came with it. Then I found out that I can draw with my Stampin' Write Markers with a Universal Pen holder (which I got from Amazon)!!!! Eeegads! The possibilities are endless. So when I finally found my pen holder and pens that came with the machine. I took some scrap cardstock and drew this glove and web piece and then cut it out!!!! I'm so excited!!!

So with my ScanNCut I've cut out some images that I've scanned and lettering and shapes for the scrapbook. I have also used some of my stamp sets and dies. So I can pretty much created whatever embellishments I want for the scrapbooks. I'm excited, well kind of...... I have 12 more years to go for just this one scrapbook.

I hope this was of interest to you.

If you need a little card inspiration, here's a card I made for my friend for her birthday. It has a gift card holder inside on the left. I used Latte Love and Nothing's Better Than (retired). Inside the pocket it a gift card. I like the adulting is hard, for a friend who loves coffee and can use a little TLC. I used the Mini Pocket Envelope dies for the card holder.

Thank you for spending some time with me. If you would like to share a review of my cards or blogs please let me know. I'd love to add it to my landing page.

Take Care!

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