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Tips on Organizing new stamp sets & dies/bundles and using Pinterest

Not being organized makes me go in a tizzy!  I like to be able to put my hands on a stamp set when I'm creating a card.  Looking for a sentiment or an image can create anxious moments. so I like to make it as easy as possible and it all starts with the arrival of new stamps, dies, punches and DSP.

Here's a quick video on how I start with organizing my stamp sets, dies and punches using my photocopier, my Brother label maker and Velcro dots from the dollar store. 

Up until recently I have used Evernote to organize my stamp  & die images, stamp sentiments and DSP by patterns and colors.  I have to change my ways.  Evernote used to be free for up to two devices.  They are now charging $149 a year.  I can't afford that.  But I did notice the other day that Pinterest is now allowing tags, visible to the account owner.  I'm going to try to use that going forward.  

I normally add my cards to Pinterest, and save card ideas to my boards by catalog or theme.  I will now try to use this for saving copies of the stamp sets. You can capture current images from the online Stampin' Up!© digital catalog/store. Or you can take a photo of your stamp set and save it to a file to upload.

Here are the steps to create a board, add a section (I go by catalog, you can also go by theme) and add a pin with tags. 


Go to your Pinterest Profile on the right click on the + sign and then click on the Board from the drop down list.

You will then get this screen where you can give your board a name, in this case I'm creating a board for the 2024 January to April Mini Catalog. 

From here I will create a section for the stamp set.


Click the Plus + sign at the bottom of the screen. You'll get this drop down list, click on Section.

Give your section a name, in this case I'm creating a section for each stamp set in this catalog that I have. This is the section for the Sending Love Stamp set. I will also save ideas for using this stamp set in the same section.


Next we will create the Pin.  Click on the plus + sign at the bottom of the page again.

Click on Pin instead of Section

Next we will add our Pin. 

  • There will be a section of the left side where you can go to your files and add the image.

  • Give your pin a title, I'm using the name of the stamp set

  • Give your pin a description.  One thing I forgot to do was to enter the cross reference for the die set/punch.  I will go into edit Pin later and add this.

  • Next you can enter a URL if you have a website, like a blog where, this is located.  Otherwise it will just show an photos of the pin.

  • Next it will show what board it is attached to.  If you change your mine you can correct it here.

  • Lastly, and most important for me, is to enter the tags. I usually tag events, themes, images and sentiments like miss you, welcome, mail box

Lastly, make sure you click Publish on the upper right-hand side to save your work.  Now next time you can go to your account and search your pins for the image or stamp set.  

I would love to hear if this makes organizing your stamp sets, dies and even DSP

Thank you for stopping by.  Make sure to subscribe, so you get my next post.  Sharing is most appreciated as well as Thumbs Up!/Like.

Here's a link to shop my online store. for purchasing any Stampin' Up!© products.

Images: Stampin' Up!© 1990 - Current


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