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Jan 25 Tuesdays At Two: Shaving Cream Technique

I saw this technique in a video and thought it was so fun! But, I warn you it can be a bit messy. LOL. When I made my sample cards I found later that I had the cream and ink all over the bottom of my sleeves. So today, I decided to wear a short sleeve shirt. LOL

I made a few different cards.

Here is the video:

These are the supplies that I used. They can be purchased at my online store:

Non Stampin' Up!© supplies used:

Paper Plate or other non porous flat surface

Shaving Cream (foam not gel)

Flat scraper, like a credit card, or kitchen scraper

Disposable cutting board or stack of papers

Painter's tape

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you have fun with this technique!

Images: Stampin' Up!©


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