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Debut of New Kits Collection! May 21, 2021 "Tuesdays At Two"

Kits, kits, kits! No I'm not talking about cute and furry little kittens. I'm introducing some of the new kits in the Stampin' Up! new collection of kits. No worries, Paper Pumpkin is not going away. This new Kits Collection is geared toward people who may be just starting out in paper crafting, don't have a lot of money or time to spend on making cads, or feel they don't have enough creativity to make cards. I know, coming up with a design for a card can be daunting! I suppose much like an author staring a piece of blank paper or screen or an artist at a blank canvas. I've been there. Kits are also great for people who don't have a lot of space to craft but want to give something meaningful to someone they care about.

I love that kits because they come with everything to create the cards or 3D projects, even a clear block to mount the stamps, but especially the beautifully, lined coordinating envelopes! The only thing you may need is a paper snips. Just put them together and mail them out! Some kits will have stamping, some will not. The Kerchief Card kit is an example of this. The first few kits, that are debuting to our customers on June 1, 2021, are some of my favorite kits that are repurposed Paper Pumpkin kit. With no further adieu may I present the six that I have chosen to start off with! If the video, below, does not show up on your mobile device, click here.

In conjunction with these new kits, I'm also offering two new Kit Parties! One in person and one virtual. It's pretty simple to attend, no cost is involved except the purchase of your kit. Buy it about 2 weeks before the get together. Bring it to my house or join us on Zoom and we put them together. Easy peasy! It will be so much to find out which kit everyone has chosen. See my calendar of events here for all the details. Here are a few photos of the kit bits and pieces that I showed on the video. The names and item numbers are on the photos.

Thanks for stopping by!

Images© Stampin' Up! Thanks for stopping in! Sharon Images © Stampin' Up!


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