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Best Laid Plans of Mice & Men

Well, this fall hasn't gone the way I had hoped. I had signed up a couple months ago for a craft fair. Then 2 weeks ago I found out that there was another Stampin' Up!© demonstrator signed up, they will only allow one vendor from each company. Even though I was just going to sell my crafts, I couldn't even hand out a business card. So.......I withdrew. Then this Saturday I was going to have a craft fair in my apartment, like I did last year. Then my body decided to rebel. So, that idea was pretty much nixed for me after I hauled everything out into my living room. My friends supported this decision. So I am relying on sales from my website and also listings on Etsy.

I have lots of stocking stuffers: calendar, candy gifts, votive candles, lotions, crochets towels and dish cloths, and also some framed items.

If you are so inclined please share my store with your friends and family, I would appreciate it. under Crafts and Christmas Shoppe.

Here are a few of my items:

This is just a sampling of the different types of gifts if have available. I love making crafts as you can tell and kind of get carried away when I see something in the store and want to create a gift box for it.

Once I get all my things listed either here on my website or Etsy, I can get back to making a few cards. Oh, sadly, I've also had to cancel my classes.

I hope you will forgive this self promotion. I'm pretty much limited to resting in my recliner in front of my TV.

I love to read so if you know of any Christian authors that write mysteries (without romance) I'd love to hear your suggestions. They are to find.

I hope this finds you all well as we enter the holiday season of crafting and please join my Facebook Group Page "Cottage Lane Stamper & Friends" and share your creations!

God bless,

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