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A bit of scrapbooking for sweet memories

The other day I was going through some things and ran across the messaging that my late husband and I exchanged when we first met on Eharmony. He's been gone since 2008 but there isn't a day that goes by when I don't think of him. When people think of their soul mates, he was certainly mine.

We truly believed that God brought us together. It was ironic that after we met there were so many similarities between us and an especially sweet memory is that our paths probably crossed when we were in our teens. He grew up in Richfield and I in New Hope. Every weekend, while I was growing up, my family would go camping at a lake near Willmar, Minnesota; Diamond Lake. After we met I found out that he also had been there about the same time. I was a very small campground, at that time. Since I usually hung out by the lake or the bait house (there wasn't much to do there for entertainment LOL) , I'm pretty sure we ran across each other.

Another sweet memory, that I laugh at now, is years before we met, I was getting my haircut at a friends, and her shop was in her walk out basement. I was sitting in the chair, looking out her window and said "who's building that huge house back there?" She replied that it was the Chief Deputy. I said, "we must be paying him too much money". LOL Little did I know that I would later be married to him. I had no idea who that was. No we didn't live in that house. After his divorce he bought something smaller and more in keeping with his lifestyle and that's where we lived.

Anyway, I found all these text messages and wanted to scrapbook them somehow. So I asked for ideas on FB in the Scrapbook Addicts group. I got a lot of good ideas, and one lady suggested a flip book. Since I didn't know what that was I went searching on YouTube. A lady there had an idea using bill envelopes (Scrapbooking with Me Crafts: Envelope Cascading Card From Junk Mail). Since I didn't have any envelopes I decided to use DSP.

This is what I came up with:

I used Hand-Penned DSP and just kept adding sheets until I had enough to add all the emails. Since they were printed out in reverse order I had to cut them apart and photocopy them so that they would make more sense when reading them. I did an accordion fold and then added the email to a piece of cardstock that matched the inside color.

I think it turned out fairly well. It's embellished with the Hand-Penned image and die cut and tied with some retired Blushing Bride Frayed Grosgrain Ribbon. The strip of Blushing Bride DSP makes a nice transition between the two different DSP patterns.

We were only married 5 months. The Christmas he had planned to propose we found out he had cancer about a week before. So we had 5 months of marriage before he passed. Another story for another day.

Thank you for stopping in! I hope you enjoyed this idea. Now I have to come up with an idea to

scrapbook some "electronic" cards that he sent me, (that I saved for whatever reason, but know I know why) .

Images: ©Stampin' Up!


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