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The Beach Makes Me Smile...

...and so does the "A Little Smile" kit from the new Kits Collection.

If you know me a little bit, you know I love all things beachy and flip flops are my usual summer footwear. This kit made me smile too. I love the little glittery sand dollars and star fish, the vellum coral die cut pieces and the lovely swaying palm trees. (well I see them as swaying :-) )

I love that the kits are easy to put together with separate directions for each card, it even shows you where to put the glue dots. All I needed was a pair of scissors, I love our Paper Snips. I've got a couple other brands but these are my favorite. I digress.

There are 8 little cards, two of each design, that fit in a cute little soft plastic case to store or to give as a gift. You'll find mine in my store later. The coordinating envelopes are awesome! I love coordinating envelopes and every kit as gorgeous coordinating envelope. I love how these are adorned with the die cut elements from the kit.

Here's a little video that I put together, you'll need to turn up the volume. I didn't realize I was almost whispering throughout the whole thing.

Here's a couple of tips from the video:

  1. Save the negative pieces of the coral and the palm fronds, you can use them later for sponging on other projects.

  2. The palm fronds curve two different directions and each one belongs on a specific card.

  3. When you have a new photopolymer stamp, take something like a nail block and lightly brush it across the stamps. The ink seems to stick better, for me anyway.

Join me on the 2nd Saturday each month for my Zoom Kits Party! You choose the kit you want, we meet up on Zoom and put them together. It's fun to see who picks what kit and what the most popular one is.

Check my calendar of events on my Stampin' Up!© website for the next Kits Party as well as my other in person and virtual events: (Maybe we should have Kit Kats as our snack LOL).

Thank you for taking time out of your day to spend with me. I hope you enjoyed this project. If you did, please subscribe and share.

Images© Stampin' Up!


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