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Step by step through the "Fun In The Sun" Kit

I love, love, love the July 2023 Paper Pumpkin kit "Fun In The Sun" and this one has a twist. All the cards are Side Step fun folds. I had a little bit of trouble figuring out the folds even when watching the video from Paper Pumpkin. It went a little fast and kind of skipped some parts. So today I put them together for you and hopefully I don't go too fast so you can pause if you need to.

The cards are so fun to put together once you get the fun folds down. I love all the cards and the adorable elements that are included. So many possibilities. Check out my other posts on this card for other alternatives and there is also the Facebook page Paper Pumpkin Fan Club for more inspiration for Paper Pumpkin kits, including this one.

There are three card designs in this kit for a total of nine cards. I love the Paper Pumpkin kits because they are all inclusive and all you really need is a pair of Paper Snips. I've taken then with me on business trips for something to do in the hotel at night, to my camper to do on a rainy day (or maybe one that's too hot, like lately) and they are especially great for beginner card makers or those who don't want to accumulate a lot of supplies. And then there are people like me who like to see them stepped up in alternative designs.

I hope this video helps with the folding of the card. When I did the first one it did take me a couple minutes to figure it out too.

Here is the original Paper Pumpkin video, if you'd like to check that out too.

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