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How Do You Store Your Kit stamp sets?

I had my first monthly stamp class last week in my new apartment building. I had reserved the beautiful and spacious community room for the inaugural class, but do to a scheduling snafu, there was also a Bible study scheduled for the same time and a games day one hour later. (My classes usually last 1-1/2 to two hours). So we were able to use the smaller conference room off of the community room.

Since space was limited I decided to use a few of our kits. I also wanted to get an idea of what the crafting level was for the class. It worked great! One of the kits that I used was the "For The Guys Kit". You can find the kits on under the Kits Collection on the Stampin' Up! © website.

When I was packing things away I thought I would try to store my kit stamp sets in the same way that I store my Paper Pumpkin kit stamps, in the Standard Stamp cases #119105, we have in our catalog. But there aren't case inserts for the kits.

If you are not aware,there are case inserts for the cases on the Paper Pumpkin website. Click on the Paper Pumpkin "Learn More" icon and it will show videos for the past 4 kits and below the videos are links to the case inserts. I have been saving the Paper Pumpkin case inserts on my Facebook page "Cottage Lane Stamper & Friends" under the "Files" section if you need some from older Paper Pumpkin kits. Here's a link to the files section: . There is a search bar to look for the one you are interested in. I've only been doing this for a couple years. Find the ones you are looking for, download them and print them.

So I created a case insert for the "For The Guys" kit. It prints on 8-1/2" x 11" copy paper. Cut it to 7" x 10-1/2" and it will fit perfectly. I'm also storing the extra pieces from the card kit in this case, frequently there are a few extras in the Paper Pumpkin kits and Kits Collection kits.

I also decided not to stamp the sentiments on the labels in the kit. I put each card in our Clear Medium Envelopes with the unstamped label. That way when I want to use the card I can personalize it for birthday, anniversary, thank you, etc.

Then I came up with the idea of storing the completed cards, in the Clear Medium Envelopes (#102619) in one of our retired wood stamp cases (shown below) I had a few laying around and thought this would be a good use for them. I printed another case insert and it also fits nicely in this case. . Sometimes you can find these cases in thrift shops with or without the stamps, or on one of the Facebook pages that sell retired items.

The cases side by side. The top one contains the stamp set and the bottom stores the completed cards.

I plan on doing this for my other kits and I will also upload these to my Facebook Group page, as I complete them.

Here's a little video I put together for you.

Thank you for stopping in! Make sure to subscribe!

Images: Stampin' Up!©


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