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Christmas Shopping Black Friday!

I'm so excited this year to offer online shopping! I've been uploading and creating new products for about six months. You'll find not only my paper craft items, but also some other hand crafted items here. My latest offerings are crocheted kitchen dish cloths and towels.

Below is a gallery of some of my creations. There are lots of stocking stuffers! I'll also be offering coupons over the next few weeks. A new one each week. Here is the first one! Make sure to use the coupon code upon check out.

If you are local, I will be opening up my house on Saturday, Nov 27 for in person shopping. Because of Covid it will be by appointment, since my house is small. There will be cider and cookies!

And now for the gallery of items available there may be a variety of choices of colors or scents, etc., within each items. You'll find these under Crafts & Gifts on my main menu:

Each of these items is representative of it's collection, within that collection there are other options, check them out in the online store.

And this one of a kind item:

There you have it, a sample of each of my items. As I said there are different options in each catagory.

I hope you find something you like. I also do special orders. If you are interested, please contact me as soon as possible, since we are only a few weeks away from Christmas.

I do ship, shipping prices are not included. I can give you a quote.

Take care! Thanks for stopping in & may God bless you!

Images: Stampin' Up!©



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