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35th Year Anniversary Perks!

This year Stampin' Up!© celebrates its 35th year anniversary. In honor of that they are celebrating all new demonstrators who sign up during October! And there is no long term commitment, whether you sign up for the discount or want to make a little extra spending money. With Christmas card making time approaching this is a great time to save some money for your supplies. You also get to preorder supplies before they are available to customers.

I signed up basically for the discount but have had the pleasure of meeting many new people along the way who love to craft as much as I do.

Stampin' Up!© is offering two options on Starter Kits.

What is a Starter Kit? It's an assortment of products that you choose to get you started, called a Starter Kit. Here's more info on it:

New demonstrators can choose one of the following options for their Starter Kit:

Option 1: Get 35% OFF the normal cost of a Stampin’ Up! Starter Kit. Those who select this option will receive $125 worth of product for only $64.35.

Option 2: Get 35% MORE product with their Starter Kit. Those who select this option will receive $168.75 worth of product by spending $99.

No matter which option new demonstrators choose for their Starter Kit, both provide new demonstratos with free business supplies and free shipping on their Starter Kit —not to mention all the fun that comes with being part of Stampin’ Up!

If you want more information on this let me know. I'd love to have you on my team!

Images: Stampin' Up!© 1990-Current

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